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Friday, 9 January 2009

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 If you are looking to start, build, or scale an online or offline business via the Internet then Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY place you need to earn as you learn.

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Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project


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Profit Lance (no longer available)
I've had this system for several months now and I can honestly say that after spending thousands of dollars on other "so called All In One" marketing systems, Profitlance, is the one Marketing resource that I regularly return to for my marketing information so ,for me, the answer is positively yes...

If I had had the Profit Lance Marketing system at the beginning of my online career I would have saved a fortune by not needing to purchase many of the other Marketing Guides.

The content of Michael Andrews course is unsurpassed even by other systems that cost hundreds to join.

Here's a rundown of just some of the content
included in the package.
If you click on any of the the Blue links you will
be taken to a page giving you a Full & Comprehensive view of everything
that's included in the package and how to purchase Profit Lance..

Amazing Value, One Time Payment.
( Michael's thinking about changing his course to a monthly membership, if you act now you will only pay the one off payment for the life of your membership )

Membership Includes ...

Help Guides , Videos, Ebooks & Resources for....* Building Web Sites* How To Optimize Your Website (seo)* Getting traffic to your website* Using Google Adwords and Yahoo search

* Building Traffic With Article Marketing
* Affiliate Marketing* Pay Per Click (ppc)* How To Create and Sell Your Own Info Product

* Creating A Blog With Blogger
* Building Traffic For Adsense

* MySpace Marketing Secrets

* Viral Marketing Strategies
* How To Use Ebooks with Private & Master Label Rights
* Youtube Traffic -
How To Get Free Traffic From Video Sites.

Also Includes.....

An Introduction to the Online Course
'to help you find your way around the seeming endless mount of useful content'.

Complete access to the Profit Lance private members area - a goldmine of education and training.

An entire network of pre-hosted websites, Secret research tools and methods Practical tasks to give you hands on experience.

Huge resource of "over-the-shoulder" videos.

Copy Writing 'unique professional course provided to members of the Profit Lance System'

Extensive and constantly growing content database.Documentation of his secret blueprints, research and implementation methods.

Strategic support - you get direction, tips and advice Free updates for life!

Plus Much Much More...

And, If You Start Your Risk-Free Evaluation Now, You Get These Limited Bonuses to Start you on Your Way to Online Marketing Success.......

Bonus #1:

Twelve Money-Making Websites Already Set Up And Hosted!
These are the exact types of sites Michael Andrews uses to generate thousands of dollars per month in revenue.You can do this as well without even having your own products to sell.

If You invest in the Profit Lance System today, you will receive your own unique set of sites - twelve in total - all fully created, programmed and hosted - free of charge.

Each site would normally cost you around $199 - that's a product value of almost $2400! Today, you pay nothing - nada, zilch. You've got a complete network of pre-built sites, promoting some of the hottest selling niche products on the market.

Now hows that's for leverage!

Bonus #2:
Private Members Blog With Updates, Strategic Advice, Direction And Tips
Michael updates his system continually because new techniques appear and new trends emerge you have to keep on top of it all.

You get access to His private blog which covers all new developments, trends and opportunities, as well as very useful advice and tips that can save you money or make you money.

This is an invaluable resource that will keep you at the forefront of developing your online business. You would not be able to get this type of ongoing help from anywhere else without having to pay recurring monthly fees!

Bonus #3:
Michael's Own Custom Developed Online Task Manager For Maximum Productivity And Goal Management.

Michael strongly believes that the real reason why he makes more money than the majority people out there is because he has a secret tool to keep him more productive, It's His own custom built task manager

This is amazing and I can't believe He is throwing this in as well.

With the Task Manager you can : When ever you log on to your members area and enter The Task Manager section You can all see at a glance all your money-making activities in a work diary, this is were you enter your tasks to do, completed, in progress etc.

You'll be amazed by how productive you can be when you keep track of every thing your doing with your marketing ventures.

Whilst most other people don't know whether they are coming or going in their online activities. Micheal Had this system built to make his
Profit Lance Course even more productive. For a limited time, He is giving access to it as a free bonus!

Bonus #4:
The Google Success FormulaMichael generates over $200,000 dollars in AdSense revenue a year with his Profit Lance Marketing System.

All of that was pure profit. He's willing to give you the unique AdSense formula that gives you a complete blueprint as to how to set up your own AdSense empire that brings you cash 24/7.

Kick start your AdSense business with this limited offer package.

This bonus content shows you the exact same techniques Michael used to generate this revenue, and how to build your own network of AdSense sites using proven, systematic, scientific formula.

Bonus #5:

Over 50 "Over The Shoulder" Video Tutorials.For a limited time only Michael's throwing in over 50 "over the shoulder" video tutorials.
These are very detailed "how-to" videos where you are shown Key Internet Marketing Skills.Yes you are actually watching how things are being done.

Michael has thought about selling these videos as a stand alone product so this may be your last chance to get them at no extra cost.

So there you have it ,Your One Stop Shop for most things to do with learning the Art of Internet Marketing.

The Value for money is astounding and I cannot recommend it enough, I would of gladly paid the ONE OFF asking price each and every month.

At the moment The profit Lance Automated Wealth Course is still available at the one time payment of $77 for a lifetime access, but you need to get in Quick as Michael is thinking about upping the price and changing to a paid monthly course.

So if you act now that's it, no more to pay "ever"

Learn Key Internet Marketing Skills, The Profit Lance System, Learn Now !

No Risk Money Back Guarantee You've got a whole 8 weeks to evaluate Profit Lance without risking anything. If you would like a refund at any time during the 8 weeks simply email Michael for a prompt reply.

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